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Quick Action Couplings (Quick Connectors)
according to EN 561 and ISO 7289

Quick Action Couplings (Quick Connectors) DKT, DKD, DKG and pins D2, D4, D1

IBEDA Quick Action Couplings (Quick Connectors) comply with European standard EN 561 and International standard ISO 7289 and are compatible world-wide. With an approved product range we prove our high quality standard.


  • Safe interruption of gas flow with automatic gas cut-off when disconnecting
  • Top-Hat sealing
  • Coloured marking of coupling and pin
  • No mixing up by different coding of coupling pins

The Quick Action Couplings (Quick Connectors) are suitable for fuel gases such as Acetylene, Hydrogen, Methane, Propane and Butane, Oxygen and inert gases such as CO2, Argon and Nitrogen. Since all devices for Oxygen use have to be free from oil and grease, the standard stipulates a separate quick action coupling system exclusively for Oxygen.